Boy child bracelet - amber and aquamarine
  • Boy child bracelet - amber and aquamarine
  • Boy child bracelet - amber and aquamarine

Boy child bracelet - amber and aquamarine

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Baltic essential amber bracelet for a boy

An amber bracelet for a boy is a beautiful decoration. It will give him strength, courage, confidence and self-confidence. He will feel happy, calm and thankful. Amber has such vibrations and its owner will surely feel them.


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A bracelet on a string for a boy - a great gift idea

This wonderful, unique amber bracelet for a boy with the addition of aquamarine and shungite will be a great gift idea that you can give for baptism, communion or birthday.

Length of the Baltic amber bracelet for a boy

The length of the bracelet is 17 cm, but after stretching it will be 23 cm long. It can be adjusted individually.

The number of ambers in the bracelet can be different from what is shown in the picture, because they are of different sizes and we want the same length of the bracelet.

Of course, if you need a different length, this is possible. The boy's amber bracelet can be made for your special order .

Number of stones in an amber bracelet

In each bracelet you will find one shungite and four amethysts, and the number of ambers depends on their size, but not less than twelve. If they are smaller, more will be needed to obtain the desired bracelet length.

The boy's amber bracelet is handmade with the addition of sterling silver *. 

You can choose the number of stones and the length of the bracelet yourself. If you have any questions - feel free to contact me directly! I am happy to advise you when choosing!

What is the clasp on the children’s amber bracelet?

The amber bracelet has a shamballa clasp and therefore its length can be adjusted and changed.

Can I choose color of cord in bracelet for a boy?

You can also choose the color of the cord to your favorite and the color of the boy's wardrobe for whom this bracelet will be.

The colors to choose from are:

  • navy blue
  • gray
  • orange
  • blue
  • green.

If you are looking for a bracelet in girly colors (a gift for a girl) see my bracelets for girls.

How is a bracelet made for a boy from Baltic amber?

Pebbles in a bracelet for a boy made of Baltic amber are strung on a string. Each of them is separated with a knot which makes it safer and in the event of a breakage, only one pebble will fall, not all of them.

Is Baltic amber bracelet a protective bracelet?

Aquamarine promotes well-being, soothes irritations and helps in the fluent expression of thoughts and feelings. All the stones combined together create a great protective barrier against negative energy.

The energy and power of the stones affects the boy as well as the people around him.

The natural stones from which the bracelet is made are helpful for children who are shy because it increases the feeling of self-confidence.

Amber has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, so it will be helpful when children are growing. Amber provides the body with negative ions, which we lose when staying at home in the presence of electromagnetic smog. It has a grounding effect, activating the body to fight disease and regenerate.

Amber bracelet aquamarine stone - how can it affect child life?

Aquamarine is a gemstone that supports relationships. Thanks to this bracelet, the boy will feel at ease and make contact with other children easier.

Healing amber bracelets - the power of natural stones

You can give the pebbles used in this bracelet your intention with which you can increase its value even more. Each time you see them on the boy wearing it, they will remind you of this intention and your thoughts will give them even more power.

All these features distinguish this bracelet made of natural stones make it special which makes it unique and valuable.

* If for some reason you cannot have silver accessories in a bracelet for a boy, please contact me. I am happy to advise you on a different option.

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