Shungite healing stone balls 3,5cm
  • Shungite healing stone balls 3,5cm

Shungite healing stone balls 3,5cm

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Therapeutic stress relief balls

Shungite has not been known for its wonderful properties for a long time. It cleans the body and soul, protects against harmful radiation, also cleans water from heavy metals.Combined with talkohlorit, it will comprehensively take care of your health and well-being! Therapeutic balls made from these two raw materials are a recipe for beauty and perfect mood.


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The influence of the electromagnetic field on the human body

In today's world it is difficult to avoid completely harmful factors that ruin our body. One of them is electromagnetic radiation. We are literally surrounded by it. However, not everyone is aware of the consequences it may have.

These are among others:

  • allergies
  • autoimmune diseases
  • cancer
  • hormonal disorders
  • problems maintaining pregnancy.

These are just a few from the entire list of negative effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, it is recommended to have at least one piece of shungite, which effectively protects against the effects of the electromagnetic field.

What are shungite and talkohlorit exercise balls?

Small and inconspicuous, but with a lot of power - this is how in shorter way you can know about therapeutic stones balls.

They are very widely used as an object for:

  • hand muscle exercises
  • body massage
  • acupressure.

Therapeutic balls are made of natural and clean materials, so you can also use them directly for water purification.

To achieve the desired effects, just turn them in your hand. This is one of the best ways to relax your muscles.

How do terapeutic balls work?

Playing with therapeutic balls improves poor blood circulation, naturally reduces stress levels and strengthens hand strength.

In addition, these balls:

  • protect against negative energy
  • repel the influence of dark forces
  • they create a barrier against electromagnetic radiation
  • restore emotional balance.
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