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Shungite for water purification - how to make shungite water?

Drinking the right amount of water (1.5-2 liters a day is the minimum) is the basis for maintaining health and balance. The human body consists of 75% water and loses it very quickly. Therefore, irrigating it, preferably with clean water, is a daily duty. What water is the healthiest? Discover shungite water benefits. Check how to prepare it.

Which water is the best to drink?

More and more is being heard about the benefits of drinking tap water. It is pointed out that it is getting cleaner, sometimes more than mineral or spring water. In fact - water from plastic bottles can contain various chemicals that are harmful to our health. By drinking water from plastic bottles, toxins are provided.

Is tap water healthy? You should definitely not consume unboiled or unfiltered tap water. Even boiled water will not be completely purified: this way we get rid of bacteria, but still heavy metals remain in it.

Filtered or mineral water?

Water sold in plastic bottles is potentially dangerous due to the aforementioned toxin content. So if you want to drink mineral water, let it be the one in the glass bottles. Still shungite water will be a much better idea. Why should you reach for it?

It is the healthiest water - purified with a natural filter, which is shungite: one of the oldest minerals in the world. The best water is free not only of bacteria, but also of heavy metals and other impurities.

Shungite water - properties

Filtering water with shungite cleanses and refines it. This is because shungite has strong absorbing properties, therefore it catches and neutralizes:

  • heavy metals
  • pesticides
  • viruses
  • mushrooms
  • bacterias
  • nitrates

Shungite water - how to make it?

Preparation of shungite water is very simple. Wash the shungite and put in a glass container in which you will filter the water. About 150g of this mineral is recommended for 2 liters of water. Leave for a few days to activate. After this time, the water will be ready to drink. Always leave about 5 cm of water and top it up again. Such activated water needs only 3-5 hours or preferably all night to completely clean it.

Shungite pyramid into the water?

The unpolished shungite pyramid is great for purifying water as well as for decorating your home and above all for neutralizing harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Homemade water purifier

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