Shungite and harmful radiation

What are the principles of protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation, what are its sources and what are the ways to protect it all can be found here.

Principles of electromagnetic radiation protection

The best way to reduce harmful electromagnetic radiation is to avoid the source of radiation. But how do you give up the modern world?

To reduce harmful radiation, you can buy:

Sources of electromagnetic radiation

The main sources of harmful electromagnetic radiation are all electronic devices, home appliances and mobile phone masts.

Ways to protect against radiation

Wondering what are the ways of radiation protection? The best solution is to buy shungite home accessories and in the form of bizuterIi, which will protect you regardless of where you are.

Shungite is used to create an obstacle to high frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Shungite - protection and security

With shungite gadgets, you can not only protect yourself against harmful electrical radiation as well as relieve pain and treat drinking water.

Perfect aesthetics and practicality

In addition to the obvious health and medicinal benefits, shungite accessories also have clear aesthetic and practical values.

Accessories emf radiaton neutralizers

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