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Shungite tile - stop harmful electromagnetic radiation. How to protect yourself?

The cleansing and protective properties of shungite have been known for a long time. This stone was widely used many years ago. This unique mineral can be used in many ways. It strengthens the human immune system, cleansing it of toxins. Shungite tiles are a beautiful and at the same time very functional, small decorative element.

How to stay healthy and feel good

Every home or office has a variety of electronic devices that generate harmful electromagnetic radiation. You can reduce their harmful effects thanks to the protective properties of shungite.

Shungite tile is a discreet and aesthetic addition that can be present in every home and office. You can put them near appliances or attach them directly to electronics and household appliances, such as:

  • fridge
  • laptop
  • smartphone
  • tablet
  • tv
  • microwave
  • e-book reader.

Shungite tiles are small (3.5.10 cm), polished and engraved accessories for decorating and protecting rooms in which you stay. Thanks to them, you will maintain your well-being and be more focused and happy.

Electrical appliances at home in the past and today - can be harmful today - minimize the risk

Despite their compact dimensions, shungite tiles are very powerful! They provide strong protection against the effects of electromagnetic frequency (EMF), which is ubiquitous in the modern world full of technology and electronic devices.

You can also use them as a pad for a mobile phone and any other electronic device to neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation. The plate absorbs part of such a field if you put the device on it or attach it to it.

Thanks to the shungite plates you will partially stop the loss of life-giving electrons without which human life is impossible.

Shungite plates also provide health in another way: they neutralize the influence of geopathic zones and stimulate the healing processes in the human body, consuming positive energy and blocking negative energy if it is hit along the way.

How to protect yourself from 5g?

Shungite plates provide very effective protection against high electromagnetic fields. All thanks to the unique molecular structure. Shungite carbon absorbs radioactive nuclides, toxins, pathogens and heavy metals.

In theory, manufacturers release new models with better protection against electromagnetic radiation, but this is not enough to completely contain its negative impact.

In fact, the only one hundred percent effective protection would be to completely cut off the use of electronics and household appliances. For obvious reasons, however, this is not possible. So how do you ensure personal protection against their harmful influence?

You can prevent potential consequences in a very simple and cheap way: just attach the shungite tile for phone to the rear panel of your mobile phone! Self-adhesive natural stone tiles.

Just remove the protective cover and stick it on the phone in the selected place. Note - before sticking, make sure that the chosen place is the target, as peeling off and re-sticking the natural stone tile can be difficult and lead to damage to it or the equipment.

The board is suitable for all models of mobile phones, both traditional and smartphones.

The laptop shungite tile will have the same effective protection. All you need to do is stick it on the visible place or invisible part of the housing to effectively absorb the potentially harmful radiation emitted by this device. You can also put such a 10x10cm shungite tile under the laptop or next to it.

How to transform negative energy into positive energy?

Although the properties of shungite are quite known, scientists do not stop at further research of this mineral. It turns out that it can still surprise you.

It owes its miraculous properties mainly to fullerenes, a unique form of carbon in the form of empty, spherical particles that are in vain to be found in nature.

Shungite placed in a container of water will conform to its structure, purifying it and providing it with 32 minerals. It behaves the same with air.

Shungite tile is therefore much more widely used than just for household appliances and audio / video devices. They can also be used as tiles on the wall in the room which can transform negative energy into positive energy.

What are the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiations?

There is no need to mention that cell phones emit harmful radiation. All aspects related to it have been studied for several dozen years. The results so far leave no doubt: it is potentially carcinogenic.

According to the researchers, the frequent use of mobile phones can contribute significantly to:

  • memory deterioration
  • chronic headache
  • hypersensitivity
  • constant fatigue.

Shungite tile natural stone - aesthetics and practicality

Shungite tile is a great way to combine a beautiful decoration with personal protection.

Shungite is a mineral with very high resistance to mechanical damage, including abrasion. As a result, it can withstand both very high and extremely low temperatures.

It can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors.

Another advantage is that despite the high resistance to damage, the shungite is also easy to process. Maybe it comes in black with white and gold inserts.

It is therefore an excellent material, not only decorative, but also construction (class 1).

Health and longevity are at your fingertips - use this opportunity as best as possible and order shungite plates for yourself and your whole family.

How to boost your immune system naturally?

Do you struggle with recurring infections and frequent malaise? Perhaps your immune system is weakened. Bring it back into balance in a simple, safe and effective way.

One of the uses of shungite properties is to create shugnite rooms. This method is used primarily by bioenergy therapists. You can also put a shungite pyramid in each corner of the room and create a place to regenerate the body and strengthen the immune system in adults and children.

It consists in covering the walls of the room with shungite tiles. While inside, a person is fully protected against electromagnetic radiation and the negative influence of geopathic zones.

Shungite "accepts" and neutralizes "bad" waves, and even more: activates the body's self-regeneration processes.

Many people prove the benefits of being in a shungite room. In their opinion:

  • it improves your well-being
  • the good mood returns
  • there is an increase in vitality
  • the frequency and severity of infections is reduced.

Some also say that by combining traditional treatments with being in a shungite room, it has helped them fight chronic diseases.

In addition, the shungite room significantly contributes to:

  • self-regulation of the body
  • reduction of stress and tension
  • fight chronic headaches
  • mental processes
  • protective functions of the body
  • metabolism
  • blood pressure regulation
  • work of the cardiovascular system.

Being surrounded by shungite also helps to inhibit over-excitability and emotional over-reactivity.

It also acts on microorganisms, neutralizing them.

Shungite tiles

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