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Necklace made of natural stones is known in many cultures, but it is also used today for many purposes. For years, necklaces have been used as protective amulets, adding power and energy. Their task was to spread around the wearer the appropriate aura, which had the appropriate effect - depending on what stone or symbol was on the necklace. Our necklaces made of natural stones are beautiful, but this is only one of their properties - they also have an incredible impact.

Necklace made of natural stones - what are its functions?

Modern alchemists, as well as those dealing with magic and alchemy, use necklaces with stones to protect, strengthen and support actions or goals.

They can protect against bad energy, energy vampires, add self-confidence, support health, and are even used in rituals.

You can also use their incredible effect - you don't have to deal with energy or issues from the spiritual world on a daily basis. Anyone who decides to wear them around the neck will feel the support of natural stones.

Why a necklace with a stone?

At the throat is the Vishuddhi chakra - it plays a very important role in everyday life. A suitable necklace worn at this point, i.e. near the throat, increases the power of this chakra and allows you to unlock it and bring out its potential.

Vishuddhi is responsible for self-confidence, charismaticness. In addition, a necklace with a stone placed in this place will have a particularly strong effect on people with a tendency to diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

If you feel like wearing a necklace with a stone lower down, closer to your heart, it will harmonize with the Anahata chakra. It is responsible for empathy, better feeling and understanding of emotions, as well as the flow of energy in the body. The stones at this chakra will have a positive energy effect on the heart, nervous, respiratory and vascular systems.

A necklace with a stone is an amulet that will protect, surround with strength, and also act on the entire body. In our store you will choose a necklace that will have the right properties, symbolism, and at the same time will be exceptionally beautiful.

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Which natural stone necklace to choose?

One of the most valued is the amber necklace, because it reduces pain, protects against bad energy - both the environment and other people. It evens out energy and allows you to find balance, and at the same time has a strong effect on the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and heart.

Shungite is also unique. It is a stone that stimulates the regeneration of the body and mind - it adds strength and energy. Reduces inflammation, cleanses. It is used in the filtration and purification of water. These are just two of our many suggestions.

If you need something unique that will give you strength, power and positively affect your well-being and health, these two stones will definitely work. If you want to learn more or advise on the choice of a necklace with a stone - write to us, we will help.

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