Body healers

Shungite in the shower - natural healing

If you are wondering how to have clean water in the shower, free from fluorine and chlorine and other pathogens in the shower, then a shungite handset will be perfect for you. It is not a home reverse osmosis filter but it is a cheap and effective home water filter. Shungite has fullerenes or antioxidants that will help to preserve your body's youthful and healthy appearance. 

Shungite - cure for sciatica

If for some reason you suffer from local pain then a great solution would be a shungite pencil or other type of cylinder to apply to the sore spot.This shungite pencil is best cure for sciatica.

Shungite versus cellulite

Reduce your cellulite with a shungite cylinder that will improve the appearance of your skin.

Body healers