Shungite earrings and bracelet sterling silver
  • Shungite earrings and bracelet sterling silver

Shungite earrings and bracelet sterling silver

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Introducing exquisite Shungite earrings and bracelet sterling silver set, a stunning combination of natural beauty and spiritual protection. Crafted with care, this set is made from Shungite 8mm balls and sterling silver parts, including a dazzling star charm. 


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Shungite, a rare and powerful mineral, has been revered for centuries for its incredible healing properties. Believed to shield against electromagnetic radiation and negative energies, Shungite is said to create a protective barrier around the wearer. With this Shungite mineral jewelry set, you can carry this protective shield with you, wherever you go.

But this set offers more than just protection. The harmonizing energy of Shungite is known to bring balance and harmony to one's life. By wearing these earrings and bracelet, you can invite a sense of calm and tranquility into your daily routine. Let the soothing vibrations of Shungite guide you towards inner peace and emotional stability.

Not only will this set provide you with spiritual benefits, but it also offers a touch of elegance to your look. The sterling silver parts beautifully complement the Shungite balls, creating a unique and eye-catching design. The star charm adds a touch of celestial charm, symbolizing guidance and inspirationn.

The natural look of Shungite is simply breathtaking. Its deep black color exudes a sense of mystery and sophistication. The smooth, polished surface of the Shungite balls adds a luxurious touch to these accessories. Each piece is carefully crafted to showcase the beauty of both the Shungite and the sterling silver parts.

The sterling silver parts of this set provide an additional element of charm and allure. The gleaming silver adds a touch of brilliance to the overall design, catching the light as you move. The combination of the natural Shungite and the sterling silver creates a harmonious blend of earthiness and elegance.

This Shungite earrings and bracelet sterling silver set is not just a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection, but also a powerful tool for your well-being. Embrace the protective and harmonizing energies of Shungite and experience the positive changes it can bring to your life. 

Whether you are looking to enhance your spiritual journey or simply desire a fashionable accessory, this set offers the perfect combination of style and substance. Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with this extraordinary set, and witness the transformative power of Shungite.

Embrace the beauty, protection, and harmony that our Shungite earrings and bracelet sterling silver set provides. Invest in your well-being and adorn yourself with the natural elegance of Shungite. Experience the positive energy and radiant glow that comes from wearing this remarkable set.

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