EMF protection bracelet - Shungite with natural stones
  • EMF protection bracelet - Shungite with natural stones

EMF protection bracelet - Shungite with natural stones

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Shungite bracelet - emf protection

A shungite bracelet is a great solution for people who want to protect themselves from harmful electromagnetic radiation. Additionally, each bracelet includes different gemstones to suit your needs.


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Best shungite bracelet

Shungite bracelets are very popular due to their health benefits. Thanks to them you can regain your sense of calm, as well as reduce EMF exposure.

Shungite mineral beads bracelets

Shungite bracelets are made of 8mm beads. Each bracelet includes hematite beads at the end, which make it easy to put on and take off. Hematite beads on the bracelet help cleanse it of accumulated external energy.

Our shungite bracelets are made of sterling silver*.

Each bracelet is handmade. Shungite minerals are stretched over a string or an elastic band.

Are you familiar with the rose quartz crystal meaning and other gemstones?

Rose quartz a stone of love, will help you receive love, which you will first give to yourself, then spread it around you only to have it come back to you like a boomerang. Charoite is a crystal for happiness and self-love, black tourmaline will protect you from energy vampires.

Aquamarine can help to improve your communication with others, you will get rid of inhibitions and learn how to express yourself better.

With the lava bracelet, you will improve your mindfulness and wellbeing. You will see things that you would not have noticed before.

Which gemstone is suitable for me?

You can choose to have your bracelet made with shungite only, or you can incorporate an additional gemstone.

Additional stones to choose from are:

  • aquamarine
  • amber
  • citrine
  • pink jade
  • rock crystal
  • red coral
  • charoite
  • lapis lazuli
  • sodalite
  • black lava

* If for some reason you wish to have your bracelet made in other material then sterling silver, please contact me. I am happy to advise you on a different option.

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