Meditation - a way to rest and regenerate

Meditation - a way to rest and regenerate

Meditation doesn't always have to be the same, especially when you don't have to sit cross-legged and look like this monk on a rock. Here are some activities where you can experience relaxation and seclusion.

sitting meditation on the blanket with hands on the knees

Healing meditation - when to meditate?

Through meditation, we achieve a sense of happiness and peace, free ourselves from fear, depression and a sense of emptiness.

Thinking about meditation, do you see a monk sitting for hours without moving? In this way he works on his being. However, meditation at home does not necessarily reflect that perfectly. You can just sit on the floor and indulge in depth of thought.

What is meditation and what is it about?

We can also call meditation activities other than sitting in silence, provided they bring calmness, relief and calmness.

Meditation methods can therefore also include:

  • walk
  • yoga
  • coloring
  • relaxing baths
  • needlework
  • bed rest.

Evening meditation will bring calm after a full day and a good night's sleep, making the next day much more productive.

How to meditate? Meditations that heal the soul and health

Meditating does not have to involve sitting motionless for a long time. As mentioned, other relaxing activities, such as coloring and walking, can be included as meditation methods.

For 2-3 minutes, you can use shungite cylinders to get rid of bacteria and viruses.

What are these techniques?

Coloring - not just for children

Coloring is relaxation not only for children, but also great fun and relaxation for adults. Relaxes, stimulates the imagination and strengthens mindfulness.

Not all children like coloring books because they require them to sit in one place. However, children are very mobile these days.

However, it is worth encouraging them to color, and also doing it with them! In this way, both sides have double benefits: you spend time together while relaxing. This way of meditation is very beneficial for both children and adults.

Walk - great relaxation and cleansing

Contact with nature is the best you can do for yourself. Walking perfectly cleanses the chakras and stimulates action.

Increases motivation to live and drives away depressive states. Did you know that even listening to the silence or singing of birds for even a minute will allow you to find yourself "here and now"?

What's more - it's worth walking every day, regardless of the weather! Especially if you don't want to go anywhere. Break down and explain to yourself that this is just as necessary as brushing your teeth everyday - except that it cleanses the soul.

Going outside, regardless of the weather, you always charge energy!

Needlework - salvation for stress

All handmade works - both very intricate and quite simple - bring a lot of positive energy!

At the same time, focusing on such work is a great time for meditation. There is a pleasant feeling of peace and relaxation during work. Enjoying the fact of the work, not just the effect.

Therefore, always try to find time for your favorite job and devote yourself to it every day, and your life will become colorful!

meditation in manual work

Bath - a great way to meditate in the evening

A relaxing bath after a hard day is often a moment to look forward to. Bathing is beneficial for all worries and problems.

Meditation at home can therefore be very simple and pleasant - just take a bath. The perfect complement will be the essential oils for relaxing massage used after it.

You can also add essential oils to water. Epsom salt or bag of shungite stone will also be beneficial, it will literally "pull" pollution and bad energy out of your body. A relaxing bath will heal and relax your body and soul!

Essential oil should be selected individually - everyone needs something different and smells different.

Such a bath is a sensational meditation for sleep and meditation for children - simple and pleasant in form, and without requiring any sacrifices!

yoga position adho mukha svanasana

Yoga - beneficial exercises for body and mind

Yoga and meditation, contrary to appearances, are very closely related. Yoga has been known for many years and has its supporters and opponents almost from the beginning

However, one thing is certain: it perfectly affects mental and physical health. During exercises, you use various meditation techniques and work on your breathing. Sometimes you just let everything go, you don't control anything and you leave.

Lying meditation - yes or no?

Is lying in meditation correct and desirable? This question is often asked by people who for some reason cannot sit too long.

How to meditate lying down? If you want to meditate in a supine position, lie down on a relatively hard ground with your back straight. In this position, you can enjoy the benefits of meditation as much as sitting down. You will remain still and silent, which will help you focus and cut off from external stimuli.

How to meditate at home?

Meditation in the comfort of your home can be just as fruitful as in a group or in a special room.

However, to completely cut off your thoughts, worries, plans, dreams and situations that bother you, choose one nice word and repeat it over and over again.

Keep doing this until the mind gets tired and forgets about all other matters! Only when you cut yourself off from your worries will you begin to meditate really.

It is worth remembering that the main factor determining the effectiveness of meditation or any other relaxing activity is maintaining calmness, relaxing the body, and regular breathing.

In silence, both in mind and heart, repeat the chosen word that will be your mantra!

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