Pharaoh cylinders Shungite and Thalconit 10x3cm
  • Pharaoh cylinders Shungite and Thalconit 10x3cm
  • Pharaoh cylinders Shungite and Thalconit 10x3cm

Pharaoh cylinders Shungite and Thalconit 10x3cm

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Shungite and soapstone cylinders - Pharaoh cylinders

Shungite and soapstone are almost perfect. The first one is known for its wide and strong stress-reducing properties, as well as purifying the body and protecting it against the effects of the electromagnetic field. Soapstone, in turn, is known for its heat storage properties.


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Pharaoh cylinders - what's this about?

Mineral cylinders (one of shungite, the other of soapstone) is a device valued for its operation, thanks to which you can improve the functioning of the whole body.

Shungite cylinders are known for such properties:

  • restoring self-confidence (cleansing the body of toxins and bad energy)
  • enhancing immunity (it is recommended to use them in the fight against cancer)
  • eliminating headaches
  • adding energy
  • to improve thinking.

Shugnite cylinders are also called Pharaoh cylinders - these are reconstructed ancient tools.

The materials from which they are created have a beneficial effect on the body, working with it. It is thanks to this that they eliminate and alleviate many health problems! So they have a healing effect. Daily sessions consisting of holding them in your hands are enough to feel the first positive effects very quickly.

Healing cosmic energy. How do cylinders work?

Already in the second minute blood supply improves, then the heat field is leveled in all hands.

After another few minutes, there is a natural increase in the body's activity. During this time, all tissues are activated, and blood pressure is also regulated.

Energy and electromagnetic field emitted by shungite cylinders improve the immune system. Although this is not a cure for cancer this way, it is a treatment that significantly supports recovery.

Additionall shungite cylinders benefits:

  • they reduce stress
  • help to achieve healthy sleep
  • they significantly support the excretion of toxins from the body
  • soothe menopause
  • improve intellectual performance.

Pharaoh cylinders - how to use it?

The black cylinder yin - shungite should be held in the left hand and the grey cylinder yang - thalconit in the right hand. During the session you should sit in a relaxed position, without crossing the legs so the best could be a chair or end of bed. You need to put both hands with cylinders pressed into them on their knees and keep them parallel to each other.

To enhance the effect, it is recommended to close your eyes, to distract from all thoughts, focusing entirely on your feelings. The duration of the procedure is individual. It should start with 3 to 5 minutes, gradually bringing to 10 - 15 minutes. The effect of "recharging" and harmonization persists for about two days.

It is recommended to use pharaoh cylinders twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) for two weeks, followed by a break of one month.

Pharaoh cylinders - who can use it?

People with strong heart disease (heart attack, angina), stroke, suffering from neuropsychiatric disorders, high blood pressure, strong infections diseases and pregnant women shouldn't use pharaoh cylinders.

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