Natural stone bracelets and their meanings

Natural stone bracelets and their meanings

If you are looking for a valuable gift for your loved one, it is worth getting acquainted with the vibrations of stones, which will wonderfully support such aspects of your life or your loved one that require your greatest attention. Check how some stones will resonate with you. Which stones will protect you and which will support you in love.

Natural stone bracelets and their meaning

Bracelet made of natural stones for your sweetheart - why is it worth it to get it?

Everyone wants to give their loved one something special. An extraordinary gift that will be useful and at the same time emphasize a unique bond and affection. Jewelery is one of the items most often used as a gift. It seems like it is a popular gift with nothing special. However, body ornaments can also be special with the meaning.

The bracelet made of natural stones is hand-made with intention, it has power, is unique and will not only decorate, but also protect and add self-confidence. The recipient of this jewelry will appreciate such a gesture, especially when they know why the bracelet has these stones and not others. The right choice of natural stones will not only allow you to match the gift for a specific person, but will also affect their energy in the right way.

Which stones are best to choose as a gift for Valentine's Day?

If you want to strengthen your feeling and be sure that this love will survive all your life difficulties, rose quartz will be the best choice. It is one of the strongest stones of love. A bracelet with rose quartz will be the perfect gift on the day of lovers.

What stones should a bracelet for a loved one have?

We want to protect the closest person above all. Therefore, a bracelet that combines amber with shungite will be an excellent choice. It is shungite that clears the field around a person and protects them from the bad effects of radiation. It works anti-stress and it is use in unconventional medicine.

Amber, on the other hand, can be hundreds of thousands of years old, so it symbolizes eternity, durability, which perfectly applies to a lasting relationship. It also affects the sense of happiness, and in traditional medicine it is used to treat thyroid diseases and inflammations.

Shungite crystal bracelet with shungite

Protective bracelet against energy vampires

Your loved one will also appreciate the black tourmaline bracelet. It increases self-confidence and raises the vibration of the person who wears it. It will therefore be a great companion through the next stages in life and relationship. Tourmaline stone is the best protective stone that will protect you or your loved one from energy vampires.

Natural black tourmaline bracelet with shungit stone

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