How to get rid of electromagnetic radiation?

How to get rid of electromagnetic radiation?

The shungite pyramids are a true powerhouse in cleansing the environment and paving a positive future, which have their unexplored secrets. Get it and feel its strength. Find out what benefits you can get. Learn about their use and how to influence your creativity. How pyramids can activate your self-healing system.

Shungite pyramids are a great tool to reduce harmful electromagnetic radiation and they are also a great decorative element of your home or workplace.

You can choose a polished or non-polished pyramid. A polished one will certainly be more practical in terms of decoration, while an unpolished one can be used in an emergency for water purification.

Check the description to see what protection radius you can get!

Vitality and relaxation - benefits of the pyramids.

Thanks to the pyramid, you can easily relax and calm down. Tension and fatigue disappear, you can recover faster. With the pyramids you can feel stronger, you can discover what is poisoning us and eliminate it.

There is a friendly atmosphere and harmony in the vicinity of the pyramids. The role of the pyramids is, above all, an ideal opportunity to realize that virtually all internal ailments are of a psychosomatic nature and the responsibility for them lies within ourselves.

women with shungite crystal pyramid on hand

How do pyramids affect your creativity?

The good cosmic energy that the pyramids attract will stimulate your creativity and you will have more motivation to work and more ideas. Positive thinking increases. Excess energy motivates them to be active.

When you think positively and control your thoughts, your mind frees up space for helpful solutions and you can support other aspects of life at the same time that will help you come back and maintain balance.

In the presence of the pyramid you will feel positive, which allows you to efficiently and relatively quickly deal with any virus or bacteria and any disease. This will make you more resistant to infections.

The power and purpose of the shungite pyramids

Shungite pyramids, in addition to their protective properties, can support your mental and physical health and will affect your well-being and positive thinking.

Application of the shungite pyramid

Shungite pyramids can be used in different ways:

  • pain relief
  • protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation
  • interior decoration
  • set up a pyramid in each corner of the room
  • water purification

Self-healing and pyramid healing.

The presence of the pyramid makes it easier to confront one's inner self. There are all the answers and it is possible to find the causes of the disease or problem. You can realize why you need the suffering of your body.

You begin to see the reasons, you are able to conduct your own self-therapy and control the forces of nature at your will. You understand that you have influence over your mind, soul and matter.

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