How to defeat cancer in a natural way? Natural effective methods.

How to defeat cancer in a natural way? Natural effective methods.

Would you like to get rid of cancer cells from your body? You should definitely accept that you are sick first and let it go, just change your current habits and take few steps. Here are some proven steps that my friends used to successfully get rid of cancer cells and at the same time changed their habits to healthier life.

stop to eat this cakes crasants pizza pasta dairy coca cola

Diet - banned and restricted products

Absolutely and completely eliminated from the diet:

  • sugar, sweeteners, honey
  • dairy
  • meat including fish
  • wheat
  • cereals
  • bread
  • cake, cookies, biscuits, biscuits, donuts
  • pizza
  • white rice
  • pasta
  • potatoes
  • table salt (Nacl) - because is poison
  • fruit except sour apples and grapefruit for a minimum period of 6 weeks

If you want to get rid of cancer cells from your body, you should stop supplying it with the sugar they eat and reproduce. Such sugar is not only white sugar, which should be avoided even by a healthy person, they are also carbohydrates in the form of rice, pasta, dough and other above mentioned. Meat and fish should also disappear from your menu for some time, because it is very contaminated, then you can clean it with ozone, which kills all living organisms and cleanses from pathogens and artificial hormones.

Products that should become everyday components of your lifetime diet are:

  • fiber - healthy carbohydrates - millet bran, spelled, kamut, plantain, you can add it to sheikhs (3-4 tablespoons a day)
  • protein - legumes (lentils, chickpeas, mung beans), sesame seeds, chia, linseed, nuts (macadamia, brazilian, walnuts, cashew) - 8-10 with each meal, grains (sunflower, pumpkin, hemp), seeds from apricots (target dose depends on the weight, e.g. 50 kg - 10 seed throughout the day (1 seed for 5 kg body weight). Not more than 6 pieces per 1 hour. They contain Letril - vitamin B17 or known as amygdalin kills cancer cells with cyanide, it is not dangerous even in large quantities, because a healthy cell contains the enzyme rhodanza, which breaks down amygdalin, neutralizes the hydrocyanic residue and is converted into energy. They should be washed well and some of them soaked overnight eg. walnuts to clean them from toxins
  • good fats - unrefined coconut oil, olive oil, clarified butter, avocado - add them to any meal
  • vegetables - greens eg. spirulina, wheatgrass (vegetable juices, steamed or soups). Carrots, celery, tomatoes without skin and pips, all green vegetables - broccoli, kale, iceberg lettuce, spinach, rocket lettuce, green parsley

When it comes to food products, everyone has to adjust them individually to check which products they tolerate or not.

start to eat this products millet vegetables coconut oil oil from olives shungite water

Intermittent fasting and the number of meals during the day

Daily fasting is between 18:00 and 11:00, so the first meal is at 11:00 and the last is at 18:00. Such fasting allows the body to cleanse the body of toxins, which helps in the treatment of cancer and more.

It's best to get your body accustomed to defecation in the evening, so that toxins from the food debris do not enter the bloodstream and do not weaken the body.

It is important to drink water during fasting so as not to lead to dehydration. A bit and often, if you feel to drink 300 - 500ml on one go you can do that too. A good booster during this period is celery juice with the addition of granny apple.

Juices and cocktails

You have to be careful with them and watch how the body reacts to them. They will fabulous clean your body from toxins and strengthen your immune system. You can add spirulina, green grass, hemp seeds, coconut oil, clarified butter, maca root, turmeric, milk thistle, vitamin E + D3 + A + K2Mk7 ( vitamin K and oils helps absorb vitamin D better) to them for better nutrition.

Supplements - anti-cancer agents

Supplements which helping to neutralize cancer are:

    • wit E + D3 + A + MK2 - 8000 IU (5 drops have 2000 IU) The American Institute of Medicine openly says that the upper safety limit is 10,000 IU per day!
    • vitamin C - drink 15 ml per day. You can also dissolve 2 teaspoons of vitamin C in grapefruit juice mixed with with shungite water and sip such a drink all day
    • graviola - guanabana fruit - 10,000 more effective than chemotherapy
    • shark cartilage - 3 x 3 a day after a meal, effectively enhances the action of vitamin B17, stimulates the production of antibodies
    • vitamin B17 - 500 mg tablets: 2 tablets 3x daily with each meal, if the tablets make you sick, divide 1 tablet in half and take it every hour during the day. Vitamin B17 should not be taken on an empty stomach. After 3 months, reduction to 2 tablets a day
    • vitamin B15 (pangamic acid) - capsule 3 times a day after a meal. It improves the body's ability to absorb oxygen and supports the detoxification of metabolic products. The cancer cell does not grow in the presence of oxygen only during anaerobic glucose fermentation
    • milk thistle - add to shakes 1 teaspoon a day this herb sensationally strengthens and cleanses the liver, if the liver is healthy and works well, you do not have to worry about cancer
    • hemp seeds - 2 tablespoon a day - contain necessary minerals: potassium, magnesium
    • nano colloidal silver - spray to your mouth and on your body, everywhere where you fill you need is save, will kill all bacterias and viruses
    • nano colloidal copper - spray in your face and to your mouth - copper is very good to strengthen your immune system
nanocolloids silver copper gold in spray bottels 100ml  on the bed side table

Harmful electromagnetic radiation

An essential element supporting the treatment of cancer is to avoid harmful electromagnetic radiation from electrical and electronic devices. Ions emitted from these devices activate cancer cells. A good way is to use a shungite mat, a shungite plate for your phone and a fridge plate, or to wear a shungite necklace that reduces this harmful radiation.

You can use a shungite mat at work at the computer by holding it between you and the computer. If you use a cell phone in bed, it's good to have such a mat on your chest or when you read a book, you can use it under your feet in bed, thanks to which you will ground your body and provide life-giving electrons.

Toxic cosmetics

For anti-cancer therapy to be effective, eliminate all toxic cosmetics for body care, they contain a lot of them and quickly get into your body, making it difficult to get rid of cancer cells.

You can hide all the cosmetics you are using now if you don't want to throw them away immediately. They contain the most carcinogenic ingredients, including your favorite perfume and toothpaste. From today you only use gray soap, baking soda and nanocolloid silver. You mix some soda with hydrogen peroxide and toothpaste is ready, if it's too spicy use coconut oil with a little soda and unrefined coconut oil for your body hygiene.

Nano colloidal silver is very helpful in keeping the body clean. You can apply it to the eye, ear, feet, armpits, intimate areas, to gargle, I also recommend face care. Has analgesic, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. It fights not only symptoms but also causes. I used to spray the body and drink in small quantities for several years and diseases bypass me from a distance. I would highly recommend it! It is helpful in getting rid of pathogens from the body and for their absorption into the body.

Cancer and fluoridated tap water

Tap water for drinking and preparing meals should be filtered due to the content of not only fluoride, which increases the number of cases of cancer as well as heavy metals, bacteria and viruses.

An excellent filter will be shungite with the addition of black flint, which perfectly cleanses the water and gives it the necessary minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, silicon and calcium.

On the other hand, shungite water perfectly absorbs toxins, heavy metals found in the body and is enriched with fullerenes, which is a powerful antioxidant. It is also structured water. Thanks to these wonderful properties, it is perfect for getting rid of cancer cells. Don't force yourself to drink it, drink as much as you feel you need.

Castor oil - healing wraps

Castor oil eliminates all pathogens in our body by getting rid of them completely. Use it in the form of compresses in places where there are cancer cells, ideally apply compresses every night, apply oil on a paper towel and apply to the body and then wrap with a stretch so that the compress does not change position.

woman walking on the beach

Walk - breathing - exercises

A daily hour walk is essential for healthy people and those affected by the disease. During the walk, you work on your rhythmic breath that supports healing. If an hour walk tires you, start with half an hour.

Let it become your addiction, you will feel how well your mind cleans up and life becomes simple and pleasant.

I encourage you to use HIIT (High-intensity interval training) exercises. It is a form of physical training consisting of interlacing short periods of very intense effort with short periods of moderate effort.

The type of activity chosen is yours, you only need to follow the 20-30 sec rule extremely intensively, 2-3 minutes slowly, from 2 to 3 sets, every day, preferably in the morning. It only takes 10 minutes and it works great on your body. This exercise will get more oxygen to your cell and help to get rid of cancer cell quicker. If you feel that it's too much for you, stay on the walks.


The daily dose of water is at least 2 liters with a pinch of Celtic sea salt, which contains 22 minerals and 3 types of magnesium. The best will be shungite water, which contains fullerenes and 32 minerals and in addition is alkaline water and deacidified the body, so it is helpful in getting rid of cancer cells. We should be remembered that shungite water has a low ph, so to obtain its best therapeutic value, it should be consumed after boiling or with the addition of lemon juice. Then it will be alkaline water and alkaline water has the best healing properties against to cancern.

Never drink from a plastic bottle. They contain harmful substances xenoestrogens (artificial estrogens that block the production of natural estrogens, bisphenol A and bisphenol B, phthalates, antimony and many other toxins that cause various diseases.

Do not force yourself to drink water, drink only when you feel thirsty, replenish fluids by drinking vegetable juices and grapefruit juice with vitamin C.

Goals and intention

To recover and get rid of cancer, do not focus on your goal but focus on here and now. Think what can I do today? What actions bring me closer to being healthy? Do I do them consistently?

Every treatment-related activity that should become a routine and a new, normal lifestyle will be done with love for each other, gratitude for even a small thing, joy and a sense of health, so you will achieve the desired goal with all your heart. It's important to focus on action than on goal. Do not fight with cancer, love it, change your habits and support your body as best you can, listen to it and give it what it needs and you will be healthy all your life and feel the happiness and fulfillment you desire.


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