Healing the power of trees and plants

Healing the power of trees and plants

What you don't know about trees, and you should know?

Hugging trees is associated with obtaining good energy, getting rid of stress and soothing thoughts. It is worth knowing, however, that not only we draw from trees - they also have a great demand for contact with people.

Although it may seem abstract, but trees do not feel good alone. They need relationships and contact with people. This is because they are beings maintaining the field of love.

big trees with green leaves between is sunshine
They maintain the connection between God and material reality, as well as the Source and the Earth.

Tree guardian of human?

Saturated with their beauty and harmony, they gladly left the forest, wanting to move near a man - to cities or gardens.

Trees are old souls who, having experienced beauty and harmony in the wilderness, share it with people who want to communicate with them and derive joy from it, as well as who want to consciously create reality, combined with the source of existence.

Girl in the nature with dog.

Your daily support from the trees!

Not everyone knows or remembers it, but trees are just as much as humans. They differ in their physical body. They also have a different task.

Human is a wizard who has the opportunity to break away from the source and create his reality. Then he can return to this source to convey what he has created.

In contrast, trees have a permanent connection to the source. They never break away from it, they are always connected to the earth and sky and the sun.

Source, perfect knowledge constantly flows through them. Thanks to this, they support people in creating the best reality possible.

It is said that people are trees that have broken away from the earth to experience adventures.

Human in the modern world

Human breaks away from the space in which he comes into contact with the source. He moves to cities, creating an artificial space, detached from ancient power and creation. This space is dead - it is a space of the mind itself, without connection with the heart, and the heart - with the mountain and the earth.

Such space is artificial and false, which does not help people in creating the correct reality.

Benefits of hugging trees and communing with nature

Why is it worth hugging trees? By constantly connecting the tree with the source, the bad energy accumulated in man, all his problems and traumas are pulled down thanks to magnetic energy. Inspiration also comes from above, and you heal yourself with new ideas.

How to use the energy of trees wisely?

The basis for establishing communication with the tree is asking for its name. In this way, we invite them to our space, and the tree turns its eyes on us. That's how communication begins.

Hand touching tree with bracelets made from natural stones

The world of elves and dwarves is not a fairy tale!

In the natural, clean and quiet forest, as well as devoid of human interference, there are many beings, as well as sparks of consciousness, creating their energy bodies.

You can call them just elves or dwarfs. They are full of them - as beautiful creatures of air that ensure that the field of love never expires, that it will always be pleasant and joyful.

Entering the forest, you hear the birds singing, you smell the flowers. Butterflies fly, birds sing. It is this time and moment when the field of love is real and beautiful, in which there are a lot of elves: sprites and guardians of nature.

Safety in the forest thanks to the protection of trees

However, one must know that not everything in nature is human friendly. There are also beings who prefer to keep man at a distance.

Therefore, before establishing communication with a tree, they must always be asked if it allows for a relationship. You will feel refusal with your heart - in this case, do not approach, because it is a sign that there is something dangerous in this space for human.

There are many such negative spaces, especially in the vicinity of swamps. It has a direct connection with the history of the Earth - these were often the places of battles where people were killed and crimes were committed.

Such space should not be entered until it is cleansed and consumed by the spirits of nature. How will you learn about such a zone? It is often surrounded by ticks, mosquitoes and other creatures. In this way they protect you from entering it.

Secrets of Eden trees

Eden Trees are the oldest trees in the world. Not much is known about them, although they existed on Earth hundreds of years ago. Their blood drops are enclosed in the form of amber with fabulous healthy benefits. They also contain knowledge of previous civilizations that existed on Earth at that time. If you wish to connect to a source, you can buy an amber necklace, bracelet or ring here.

Trees and their specialties

Different species of trees have their specific properties. Such as:

  • oaks deal with harmonization, by diverting attention to their own power
  • birches are natural healers
  • pine trees inspire to give good advice in difficult situations.

Every tree or family of trees has their own vision and interests.

Everyone feels which tree is drawn to him and which is close to him. This is because the trees are sending messages"please contact me"!

Other plants are ferns - ancient creatures, supporting the space of existence of tiny nature spirits in the forest, creating a field of love in which it is safe and harmonious.

Fern in pot

Harmony - when everything works together!

Harmony is the most important thing - we all need each other: trees of people, and people - trees. Everything works together - that's how it was designed.

People who think they have the right to interfere with nature, such as cutting down trees, are the greatest threat. These are actions against the source and what the Higher Power designed.

Return to nature, planting and hugging trees, setting up gardens, living in harmony with nature - this is a recipe for a happy life.

Take care of your space, live in nature and make sure it is beautiful around. Living in love and harmony is a guarantee that everything will go well!

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