Collection of Cure Beads - beads and charms for bracelets

Collection of Cure Beads - beads and charms for bracelets

The Cure beads collection are beads and charms for pandora style bracelets made of natural stones and sterling silver. Find out what you can gain by wearing them. How can you create your unique collection of gemstones? What particular gemstone has the intention and vibration? How do natural stones affect our lives?

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Support and security - Cure beads

Cure Beads are natural stone and crystals beads with a sterling silver and come in a variety of colors and shapes depending on the type of stone. They match the bracelets and necklaces bases as well as your modular Pandora jewelry.

Find out their own intention, thanks to which you can create your dream natural gemstones collection of stones that will support you in creating your better future and allow you to fully enjoy life.

How to create the future with the Cure beads jewelry collection

Cure beads are also beads and charms with the intention thanks to which you will create your dream future and focus on those aspects of your life that require your greatest attention so that your life is in line with your main values ​​and gives you full satisfaction and fulfillment.

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Gemstones intention - Cure beads:

  • Agat - enhance
  • Amethyst - a natural aphrodisiac
  • Aquamarine - success in relationships
  • Amber - pain reliever
  • Bronzite - confidence
  • Citrine - abundance
  • Charoite - happiness
  • Crystal stone - energy neutralizer
  • Carnelian - vitality
  • Jadeite - success in business
  • Lava - mindfulness
  • Lapis lazuli - kindness
  • Onyx - inner strength
  • Rose quartz - love
  • Red coral - energy boost
  • Striped flint - optimism
  • Shungite - protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation
  • Tiger's eye - warmer
  • Tourmaline - protection against energy vampires

How do gemstones work?

Stones have different positive vibrations, so they should be worn close to the body. Thanks to this, you can get it and vibrate in the same way. Each gemstone vibrates differently for a particular life zone - some stronger, some weaker.

Cure Beads will bring positive changes into your life, because positive thinking will stay with you for longer. All fears and phobias, depression, poor concentration and memory will pass you from a distance.

Sometimes you wonder how to regain happiness and success in your life? Cure Beads are the answer to that question. You will feel safe and relaxed.

Make your own gem set with Cure Beads

Cure Beads are perfect because you can choose the base of the bracelet or necklace on which you can wear or take them off whenever you want. You can wear them together or separately, or mix them with other wonderful beads and charms that are available in the Arcanastones store.

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Cure Beads will be a great gift idea because you give someone a trinket and at the same time support which the person receiving the gift is needed.

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