Tourmaline gemstone bracelet
  • Tourmaline gemstone bracelet

Tourmaline gemstone bracelet

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Black tourmaline protection bracelet

Bracelet made of natural stones, each enriched with a protective stone of tourmaline. It protects against energy vampires (people who get their energy from other people instead of other sources such as nature, exercise, meditation or positive thinking).

Each individual stone has its own vibration. Additionally, they have been blessed with their intention. Thanks to this, you can support yourself in various aspects of your life.


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Bracelet with tourmaline - silver

Bracelets with tourmaline are made of 6mm beads in the center with black tourmaline - a natural gemstone in the shape of an irregular cylinder with a size of 8x10mm.

Small hematite balls placed at the ends of the strings of the bracelet make it easy to put on and take off. They also have a cleansing function (they cleanse the stones of negative energy accumulated from the outside).

A bracelet with a tourmaline gemstone has sterling silver parts*.

You can choose earrings for each type of bracelet.

Why a black tourmaline bracelet? - learn about its power

Black tourmaline, apart from its protective properties, has other advantages. It has the ability to attract and attracts anything its owner desires. That's why it's worth having it with a written and thought-out wish list.

Can you customise bracelet with tourmaline? - A gift for her or for him

Bracelets made of natural stones can be made to your special order. A tourmaline bracelet will be a great gift for him or her.

Each tourmaline bracelet is handmade. Natural stones and one with tourmaline are stretched over the string. You can choose the type of stones and the color of the string yourself.

* If for some reason you cannot have silver accessories please contact me. I will be happy to advise you on choosing another option.

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