Earrings - grace and beauty

Earrings are this detail of styling that is the icing on the cake. Small or large, modest or on the contrary - decorative, hanging or studs - regardless of what type of jewelry you prefer, earrings always add charm, beauty and style.

Confidence, happiness and vitality - have them always with you!

Classic beauty and a boost of energy - that's what earrings from the Arcanastones store will give you. Jewelry is created by hand with passion and love, as well as precious, natural stones that will take care of your healing, strengthening and success.

Healing power for stones - which one do you need?

Thanks to stones in the form of jewelry, you can always have your amulet of happiness with you.

Choose a stone that suits your needs:

  • Agate - enhance
  • Amethyst - a natural aphrodisiac
  • Aquamarine - success in friendships
  • Amber - pain reliever
  • Bronzite - confidence
  • Citrine - abundance
  • Charoite - happiness
  • Pure white quartz - energy neutralizer
  • Carnelian - vitality
  • Jade - business success
  • Lava - mindfulness
  • Lapis lazuli - kindness
  • Onyx - internal strength
  • Rose quartz - love
  • Red coral - energy boost
  • Striped stone - Flint - optimism
  • Shungite - protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation
  • Tiger's eye - heater
  • Tourmaline - protection against energy vampires

and always have it with you. Ensure your business success, internal strength and optimism, as well as confidence and vitality.

How to achieve success? Let the power of nature help you in this!

Beauty and happiness usually go hand in hand. Thanks to functional Arcanastones jewelry, your life will be even more beautiful, and you will have a lot of power every day to literally move mountains.

Unique earring designs