Cure beads

Why Cure Beads Jewelry? - protection and comfortable

Cure Beads are fashionable, comfortable, suitable for every occasion and match up  with different styles of jewelry. Thanks to them you can enjoy the wonderful properties of stones among gemstones such as agate, aquamarine, amethyst, amber, bronzite, citrine, charoite, hematite, jade, jasper, carnelian, pure white quartz, rose quartz, red coral, striped flint, lava, lapis lazuli, onyx, shungite, tiger's eye and tourmaline. Find out why you should have it. Read more in product discraption.

Beads for making jewelry - by yourself

Cure Beads jewelry is unique because the look and composition depends on which stones you choose, which stones you want to surround on a given day or period. One will be for travel and another for meditation and another for an important project. Check which stone you could use now!

Beads and gems - decoration for your everyday wardrobe

Cure Beads work best in the composition of casual attire, they are a small element so they will not be very defiant and will allow you to enjoy their energy and support. They also provide protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation and energy thieves.

Cure beads - beads and gems

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