When trying to choose the right gemstone that represents your energy, it’s vital that you follow your intuition. It’s important to listen to your inner voice, rather than rely on other people’s advice. Many people believe in gemstones’ mystical powers and healing properties. Some say they are a source of beneficial energy which has a positive effect on human body. You can choose a stone by day of the week, date of birth or zodiac sign. Below you will learn how to do it!

Experience the power of gemstones

Blue orange white purple color natural stones on grey material

Whether you believe it or not, when picking the right gemstone for you, it’s good to follow certain guidelines. Among thousands of gemstones, pick your own - vibrating with life energy gemstone and start climbing your “crystal mountain”. Bear in mind that natural minerals only carry energy and light – the healing powers that you need at this stage of your personal development, here and now. You can also be sure the effect of that power on your life will always be beneficial.

On the other hand, it’s a form of invitation to spiritual development. Subtle vibrations of minerals are capable of awakening those character traits that have been dormant, hidden and ignored by a human being.

When in doubt, trouble or facing a dilemma, it’s easy to take advantage of that wonderful energy, only to feel safer and experience the healing vibrations and its therapeutic effect on your mind, soul and personality.

Yellow crystal stone on the natural stone in darkness

By trusting in power and listening to the message from the stars, you will be able to embrace the support and discover the new hidden realms of your psyche – the ones of dormant nature, awaiting their new beginning. Date of birth is directly linked to planetary movement and position of stars. The power of gemstones helps release new energy and skills, realize new skills and potential, all of which may foreshadow the beginning of a whole new chapter in your life.

Choose gemstones by week day

Three wooden heart on desk with name day on it Firday, Saturday, Sunday

Gemstones, which may provide protection, acceptance among people, happiness, love and wellbeing, will boost your courage, creativity and boost women’s feminine energy. They can also help unwind and relax, bringing great deal of harmony, peace, energy and strength. Gemstones work effectively improving your stamina, as well as mental health. Some even say they could enhance your natural beauty. What do you look forward to on that particular day? What should you beware of and which of your qualities do you think need improvement?


Plan your day with confidence and set completely new goals. Your stones are:

  • onyx
  • blue howlite
  • red coral
  • turquoise


This is just the beginning of the week, so relax, review your plan and get ready for action. Your precious stones are:

  • red goldstone
  • onyx  
  • turquoise  
  • red coral
  • rose quartz


It's a good day for financial or office duties. You can't do without:

  • red goldstone
  • blue howlite
  • onyx
  • african turquoise


This is your chance to finish all the work you didn't have the opportunity to do the previous day. Stones that you may need are:

  • red coral  
  • turquoise
  • onyx  
  • blue howlite  
  • opal  


Here's your chance to plan a weekend: culture, entertainment, sports, relaxation, meeting friends and family or just catching up that you promised yourself a long time ago. Your precious stones for Friday can be:

  • turquoise
  • opal  
  • blue howlite
  • red goldstone  
  • red coral  
  • rose quartz  


Time to realize your Friday plans - a nice evening with a friend. Give yourself something nice. The best gemstone for Saturday? Wear jewelry with your favorite stone and let it do all the work.


Priorities for Sunday: quiet relaxation, relaxation, regeneration, time for loved ones, nice dinner and a good book. Your precious stones for Sunday are:

  • onyx
  • opal
  • rose quartz
  • blue howlite

Gemstones according to your date of birth

Old gold watch on calender

Numerology and gemology will help you choose the right gemstone for you. The color and the characteristic vibrations of gemstones and minerals are believed to be able to boost their owners’ energy. If amplified by numerical vibrations, the energy of gemstones tends to grow stronger. Why not check what number represents you? In order to do that add up all the numbers based on your date of birth, e.g. if you were born 14.05.1967, 1+4+5+1+9+6+7=3+3=6, which means you are a six. Birthstones for particular numbers are:

One – Red coral

Regardless of color varieties of that gemstone, it will bring harmony into your life. It will also help you relax and unwind. For the gemstone to work better, it must touch the skin. Bracelet with red coral you can buy here!

Two - Moonstone

It helps support the immune system and aids spiritual development. Moonstone usually brings peace and harmony, and keeps safe whatever you value most. It should be worn on the skin, e.g. in a bracelet.

Three – Amethyst

The stone has anxiety relieving properties and a calming effect on spirit. It aids concentration, easing recognition of one’s own weaknesses by showing the way to overcome them. Amethyst works best work on clothing.

Four – Emerald

The stone’s vibrations are a source of wisdom and common-sense. It brings peace and harmony. It should be worn on bare skin.

Five – Jasper

The stone helps increase one’s faith and trust. It does not only give you wisdom, but also teaches how to embrace it. Jasper helps consolidate previously acquired knowledge. It gives good listening skills, which is strongly desired by those whose birthstone is jasper.

Six – Agate

It aids meditation and helps resolve a lot of spiritual dilemmas. Agate also helps unite body and soul. For the stone to work best, it must touch the skin.

Seven – Lapis lazuli

It should be worn in a necklace, as close to the heart as possible. Its body-balancing energy also aids spiritual development, mostly in people prone to influences of astral projection.

Eight – Topaz

The stone is believed to be able to strengthen both body and spirit. It helps overcome difficulties which have appeared as a result of an argument. Topaz should be worn close to the skin.

Nine – Striped flint

The stone’s effect is fully depended on the qualities of the person who owns it, as it might be a source of disruption, as well as help restore harmony. Polish diamond has an amazing power in helping to adjust to rising vibrations. For the stone to work best, it must touch the skin. Bracelet with striped flint you can buy here!

Zodiac signs stones

Gold pendulum on zodiac sign board

Aries birthstones – 21.03 – 20.04

Diamond, hematite, amethyst, garnet, ruby, carneol, jasper

Taurus birthstones – 21.04 – 20.05

Sapphire, carneol, pink quartz, agate, emerald, tourmaline

Gemini birthstones – 21.05 – 21.06

Chalcedony, golden topaz, tiger’s eye, carneol, agate, aquamarine, topaz

Cancer birthstones – 22.06 – 22.07

Emerald, chrysoprase, aventurine, opal, pearl, moonstone

Leo birthstones – 23.07 – 23.08

Ruby, crystal stone, golden topaz, tiger’s eye, amber, diamond, agate

Virgo birthstones – 24.08 – 23.09

Topaz, jasper, nephrite, carneol, yellow agate, yellow sapphire

Libra – 24.09.- 23.10

Aquamarine, topaz, opal, red coral, lapis lazuli, aventurine.

Scorpio birthstones – 24.10 – 22.11

Garnet, carneol, topaz, tourmaline, jasper, hematite

Sagittarius birthstones – 23.11 – 21.12

Turquoise, sapphire quartz, chalcedony, topaz, chrysolite, sapphire, lapis lazuli, snow flake obsidian

Capricorn birthstones – 22.12 – 20.01

Onyx, chrysoprase, ruby, cat’s eye, malachite, blue spinel, smoky quartz

Aquarius birthstones – 21.01 – 19.02

Amethyst, turquoise, eagle’s eye, garnet, aquamarine

Pisces birthstones – 20.02 – 20.03

Red coral, amethyst, sapphire, moonstone