How to find an idea for life and get to know your life mission?

How to find an idea for life and get to know your life mission?

To learn how to find an idea for life and find your life mission, you need to look at several aspects that require immediate action. If not now, when? Here are some of them.

A woman feeling happiness and fullness of life, standing with her arms outstretched to the side

Health - physical and mental condition

Your main activity to learn about the above question is physical and mental health. When you strive to improve your health, the quality of your thinking improves, you can connect your heart to your mind and your actions become simple and easy.

Postponing and only planning this activity will not bring you closer to the desired goal, and even demotivate. You start thinking too much and your subconscious mind tells you that it's not worth it, because it's good how it is.

Changes and provisions

You feel different, you want change, rebirth. You want to experience your life comfortably and have the strength to face new challenges because life is one big challenge.

If you take these action, responses will come very quickly, you need to follow the appropriate steps. The most important with what intention you do these activities. All the actions that you take should be with the best feeling even if you do not feel well that what you do leads you to your desired goal.

You should always be accompanied by gratitude from the heart for every little thing.

You think why should I lie to myself if I feel different? The point is to slowly, gradually and systematically accustom your subconscious to this feeling that you want them to be with you always.

Taking care of yourself and then of others

If others see your change, they will definitely contact you for help, besides, if you are in good shape, you will know how to help others not to violate their comfort zone.

Change your beliefs and habits

You need to admit the thought that maybe not everything you know so far is true and it is good to listen to others and open to new solutions.

Limit your addictions

At the beginning you can replace them with other so-called healthy habits. Because addictions and addictions are self-destructive, you should get rid of them once and for all. Then you will be able to leave your comfort zone and see your life from a different perspective. You will give yourself the strength you have within you, although the subconscious will surely assure you that it is different.

Unlock information

There is a lot of information on the internet on how to live so that you feel good. You should check what really suits you and write down what you use and make you feel good about it.

At first glance, some informaon may seem abstract but over time it may be what helps you. To overcome this chaos Crystal Stone will help you because will clear your mind and your space around you, Lava stone can help too, it will support your mindfulness and allow you to see what you can't see now.

A handful of rock crystal on hands

Balance and acceptance - the key to enlightenment

Find balance in various aspects of your life, because what is good for others is not necessarily good for you. Discover and maintain balance in your nutrition, exercise, spirituality, in your relationships, dreams and desires.

Love yourself and everyone, even enemies, because acceptance is the key to happiness. I know how you will ask how I can accept an enemy? You can, because if you show him love, then after a while he will change and will not be your enemy any more. Patience is also important here. Aquamarine stone is a stone to help you to have good friendships. Is a stone that is helping to have happy compounds, which you can buy here.

Subconsciousness and rebirth - set goal

The subconscious is your inner child who doesn't like changes because he wants to protect you from everything new. At the beginning of your decisions will support you. However, after some time you will start to hear from her that you no longer have to try and do all those things that are supposed to help you find your way of life.

Is your task to encourage your subconscious to do these things. If you know that going outside is good and your subconscious draws you away from it, then you talk to her nice, calmly, with a smile, like to a small child: "Wear shoes, take an umbrella and wellingtons because it is a thing to do like morning brushing teeth".

Consistently every day because from small positive actions you get used to the fact that this is normal and there is nothing to be afraid of.

"Don't fight the subconscious. Take care of her like your own child!"

Positive action - what does it mean

Small positive actions that give you pleasure but not destructing you will help you enter a higher vibration. Higher vibration means: abundance, love, fulfillment, joy, freedom, action, effort, care for yourself, this what you want.

Lower vibration is: fear, pain, suffering, illness, lack. Entering a higher vibration will let you know what the mission of your earthly life is and you will find an idea for your life easy.

Figure of a person in meditation with words in the background body breath being now

How to enter a higher vibration and feel the meaning of earthly life

In a moment you will learn what to do to enter a higher vibration, which blocks you to feel abundance, love, fulfillment, joy and freedom. These few things will change your life and you will feel complete fulfillment and enlightenment.

In small steps sow a small seed, take care of it and let it grow with love and it will grow into a beautiful large healthy plant that will have the strength to protect itself and other plants.

Detox - cleansing the body

Detox your organism, that will allow you to get rid of food deposits in your intestines that cause toxin production. Getting rid of them will strengthen your body and cleanse your mind.

Answers to the questions you will ask yourself will come very quickly and dreams and desires will come true even faster.

The best solution is starvation (to be carried out with an experienced person) raw food diet followed or ketogenic diet with a slight healthy modification.

Water perfectly cleanses the body, which is why drinking water is so important, "good water" such as shungite water. You can find out here how to make shungite water.

Three shungite stones with separate inscriptions on each, body, relax, soul

In the morning first thing you do is sucking unrefined coconut oil which is works very well for the body's detox, you can also use other oils, e.g. linseed oil or hemp oil.

It is also important to cleanse your pineal gland, which is weakened by its calcification by electromagnetic radiation. Ordinary cocoa can help, e.g. in the form of bulletproof coffee. Just don't abuse it and it contains harmful arsenic. After cleaning, you should protect yourself from this harmful radiation by, for example, wearing a shungite pendant, which you can buy here.

What to avoid like fire?

Elimination of products, especially sugar and carbohydrates (breakfast cereals, bread, cake, cookies, donuts, pizza, white rice, pasta, potatoes, sugar) because they are sugars that cause allergies and diseases, as well as malaise. White flour and dairy products is essential to avoid too. Don't worry not forever. That is why control and mindfulness of what we introduce into our body is so important. 

The worst thing is throwing food that you enjoy and is very self-destructive. If you feel hungry, carry nuts (preferably soaked before) and eat them or drink water. Better to be hungry than eat junk food. Take care of a tasty and healthy meal that will be compatible with you and you will not expose yourself to unpleasant consequences.

How to hydrate your body effectively?

Set an alarm on your phone every hour and check if it is time to drink or eat. Body hydration is very important because all our organs need water especially our brain if he has a lack he will draw from other parts. If headache come it means brain has na water and other parts too.

It is very important not to drink anything during a meal. Drink a minimum of 30 minutes before and 40 after a meal with a little good Celtic salt (sea salt contains about 22 minerals and 3 types of magnesium). Salt from time to time.

Natural supplementation - the path to longevity

All nutrients our body needs should come from live or unprocessed food.

A balanced diet is providing good 75% fat, 25% protein, good 5% carbohydrates, minerals from proven sources, probiotics (e.g. silage preferably homemade, because some of them contain white vinegar and are pasteurized and it's not the same) and electrolytes (healthy chicken soup). The main products that should appear on your menu are fiber, protein and good fat.

Food should be as natural as possible and ideally have prana or life energy. It is best that the meals are prepared by us personally and preferably raw. In addition, it is worth avoiding the dangerous nitrates and nitrites, which are often used to preserve meat, vegetables and fruits, and lectins that are found in vegetables and fruits. You can check her with a special tester or buy them from local farmers.

Cooked and fried foods lead to diabetes and autoimmune diseases (fibromyalgia, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatology, arthritis, enteritis, hashimoto, psoriasis and many more). Avoid fried and take cooked meal once a day.

Pure mind - work with mind

Relax during the day:

  • several minutes of rest in the form of meditation, prayer, walking, yoga exercises or other relaxation
  • grounding - walking barefoot on the grass or keeping your feet on a shungite mat, which you can buy here. You can use even in bed or when you sitting at work.
Young woman walking on the road in the woods with a white umbrella

Such relaxation is important because it stops the mind from constantly thinking, too much unnecessary information, and gives it a chance to select thoughts that are important and which are unnecessary

Strength of affirmation - Your new thinking with Cure Beads

Listening to affirmations is very helpful in manifesting what you want and what you want to achieve. They help to maintain a good mood and help to gain self-confidence.

You can set yourself several minutes a day to listen to them or repeat several short phrases during the day:

  • "I am important"
  • "Me (my name) have the right to be myself"
  • "Me (my name) have the right to be a happy person"
  • "It would be nice if ..."
  • "I wonder what could be like if ..."

or any other affirmation that suits you and that will lead you to your desired goal. They help me a lot, they can help you too. As a reminder, you can carry a pebble in your pocket or yor favourite bracelet which you can get here.

These activities also help strengthen your physical body which leads to strengthening your concentration, clear and rational thinking in making life decisions, those small everyday and larger ones.

They increase your mindfulness so you can consistently stick to your decisions.

As you eat, your appetite increases. The more often you do these activities, the more you will want to do them. You will see how your life will change positively but remember about balance. Balance is essential.

Nature support - silver bracelets with stones

Help in persevering in such activities can bring you jewelry with stones, which not only helps but also heals. Bracelets made of natural beads are a great solution because every natural stone bead has its own intention.

You can choose a stone or few stones, because of them you can:

  • easy to influence your mind, calm it down and have better concentration
  • free yourself from old patterns
  • affect on your body
  • regenerate the body faster
  • easy to resolve internal conflicts
  • easier to deal with stress
  • attract better your events.

Don't delay and make changes in your life today. Slowly, step by step, reduce what is bad for you and enter some recommended steps. I guarantee you that you will feel better and find a place in your life.

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