Ho'oponopono method - what is it and why is it effective?

Ho'oponopono method - what is it and why is it effective?

Four expressions - can it change anything? Yes! And quite a lot. Ho’oponopono comes from Hawaii, it was invented there by the Hawaiian Kahunas. The method involves placing people in a circle and repeating just 4 expressions. What is this all about?

Word I love you painted on white pieces of paper

How effective is the ho'oponopono method of conflict resolution?

The Kahunas used this method whenever there was a conflict in the family or settlement. Then all the people in the circle were judged and the words repeated.

Looking at this from the side you can have serious doubts about the effectiveness of such action. However, it turns out that this seemingly simple operation is highly effective and can do a lot!

Using this method in Hawaii has shown that it allows people to find mutual understanding, reestablish a thread of understanding, and contact again at the emotional level.

Ho'oponopono, however, helps, above all, regain internal balance.

Word I m sorry painted on white pieces of paper

Try the strength of 4 expressions!

How can speaking 4 expressions affect your subconscious mind, heart, emotions, feelings and well-being? See for yourself.

Start by using them when something disturbs your peace: it will frighten you or you will get some unpleasant message. Another situation is when you see someone unhappy, sad, sore or sick.

You can do this because ho'oponopono works not only on you and inside you, but these words are so powerful that they also affect someone else.

Every time you do this, you will feel better: you will restore inner peace and balance.

These 4 powerful expressions are:

  • I love you
  • I am sorry
  • Forgive me
  • Thank you

Only so much and so much! You have to repeat them over and over again. It is important not to give these words additional meaning. It is also not about directing them to a particular person.

Take them completely out of context and repeat like a mantra - you will see how amazing this effect will be in repetition in mind and how amazing impact it can have on other people.

Ho'oponopono is about focusing your mind on repeating these four words. The assumption is that for the method to work, it must be repeated at least 4 times.

Regain inner peace - say goodbye to fear and worries

The longer and more often you repeat them, the better. This allows you to regain inner peace, remove stress, fears and worries and make your dreams come true.

It is not entirely clear how this method works, but one thing is certain: it is undoubtedly effective.

If something hurts you: in your heart, soul or mind, if you feel stressed or unstable internally, or you don't know what to do - just focus on repeating these 4 expressions.

Remember, it's not about telling someone you love or apologizing for something. Just concentrate the words in themselves.

Word Thank you painted on white pieces of paper

Effects of application - agreement and internal balance

This method allows you to remove the negative effects in your life, as well as to activate the potential of dreams.

Correct use of Ho'oponopono will even remove blockages that have existed for a lifetime. It will stimulate you to act so that you can paint your future the way you want.

The result? "Eternal Happiness" that this ancient tradition will provide.

Ho'oponopono allows you to achieve what some call the impossible:

  • peace
  • joy
  • harmony with each breath

Importantly - the effects are immediate, and following this path leads to ultimate love and gratitude radiating from the most enlightened humanity.

The choice is yours: agreement and internal balance or the pursuit of dreams through complicated roads.

You can buy a stone, eg. your favourite bracelet gemstone, which will remind you to use this method and use this wonderful energy of the word.

Maybe you can go to the source to experience this simple magic and achieve peace? Read here how to conect to source.

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