Shungite pyramid from 3 to 15cm
  • Shungite pyramid from 3 to 15cm
  • Shungite pyramid from 3 to 15cm

Shungite pyramid from 3 to 15cm

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Block harmful electromagnetic radiation

Shungite pyramids are a great tool for reducing harmful electromagnetic radiation and are also a great decorative element for your home or workplace. You can choose a polished or unpolished pyramid. Polished will certainly be more practical in decorative terms, while unpolished may be used in emergency water purification.

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Power and purpose of the Shungite pyramids

In addition to its protective properties, shungite pyramids can support your mental and physical health and affect your well-being and positive thinking.

Piramyd - healing properties

The shungite pyramid is known for its healing properties, it has a great impact on human well-being and thanks to it you can relieve headache, stomachache and leg pain. It is enough that you hold both hands above it and within a few minutes you will feel a decrease in tension and feel relief.

Types of healing pyramids

Due to the external processing of the pyramids, we can distinguish polished and unpolished pyramids. Both have the same protective properties only differ in appearance due to gloss and aesthetically. The unpolished pyramid can make you hands black but it is suitable for purifying water just like raw shungite stone, which you can buy here. The polished pyramid is more beautiful in appearance.


Size Protection radius weight Price
3cm 1 meter 23g € 6
4 cm 1.5 meters 48g 9 €
5cm 2.6 meters 84g 12 €
6cm 3.8 meters 141g 17 €
7cm 4.5 meters 249g 23 €
8cm 6.5 meters 338g 30 €
10cm 10 meters 644g 52 €
15cm 17 meters 1715g 145 €


Size Protection radius weight Price
3cm 1 meter 23g € 5
4 cm 1.5 meters 48g 8 €
5cm 2.6 meters 84g 11 €
6cm 3.8 meters 141g 14 €
7cm 4.5 meters 249g 16 €
8cm 6.5 meters 338g 25 €
10cm 10 meters 644g 42 €
15cm 17 meters 1715g 135 €

Application of the Shungite pyramid

Shungite pyramids can be used in a variety of ways:

  • pain relief
  • protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation
  • interior declarations
  • setting the pyramid in every corner of the room
  • water purification
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