Natural jewelry for you and your loved ones for all occasions

Jewelry is the most beautiful accessory for every occasion. Handmade jewelry from natural stones and home decorations, accessories for body massage and water treatment - these are the best ideas for a unique gift!

Every customer is unique and deserves the best - this is our motto that guides us every day.

With this in mind, we design our jewelry and we make each piece by hand with the utmost care and attention to even the smallest detail.

Everything to meet your innermost needs and dreams.

Stone jewelry store - we design dreams

Our mission is to create unique jewelry from natural stones. We combine fashionable design with the highest quality of workmanship, as well as comfort of use.

We love what we do, that's why we put passion, heart and positive emotions into every art to make your effect awe.

Striped flint jewellery for optimism

Arcanastones jewelry will brighten your every day making it beautiful, unique and full of your sincere, natural smile.

At Arcanastones store you will find jewelry and home accessories made of stones that best match your personality and emphasize your individual character and unique style.

You are a divine miracle that deserves to be supported by nature!

Baltic amber necklace, earrings and bracelet in sterling silver on flat wood board

Energy of stones - we create jewelry to make it joy!

Beautiful little things always bring a smile to the recipient's face. We want our jewelry to please you and your loved ones.

That is why we have prepared a collection of jewelry characterized by positive emotions and values ​​expressed in the form of various symbols:

If you want to please a loved one, give them unique Arcanastones jewelry. She will accompany her every day and remind her of the paramount values ​​at a given moment in her life.

In the Arcanastones store you will find jewelry and trinkets perfect for a gift for: beloved, mother, grandmother, sister, best friend, uncle, brother ... In a word - for everyone! Give yourself and your loved ones the most beautiful jewelry and share the joy that it brings with them!

Beauty and quality, perfect pair - selling handcrafts

Positive emotions accompanying you at any time of the day guarantee satisfaction and success. The unique design, subtle beauty, harmony, aesthetics, style and elegance, as well as high quality of performance - these are the values ​​that guide us in the design and creation of jewelry.

Our handicrafts are made only from the highest quality materials:

  • natural stones
  • wood from the forest
  • cork
  • leather straps
  • sterling silver
  • copper.

Hammered copper jewelry with shungite and stones for resistance

Everyday energy protection - Arcanastones jewelry

We love traveling, reading, walking in the woods, and we love little wonders - such as unique jewelry.

Stones have a much greater impact on quality of life than you might think!

Since they were in our lives, sorrows, diseases, failures, lack of motivation to live and depressive states have gone into oblivion.

We want to share this good with you, in the most beautiful form!

Stones and their meaning are still a mystery not yet fully uncovered, but to this day we already know so much that thanks to them you can consciously make changes in your life.

Happy family on Canary Islands at Jameos del agua lanzarote, producer of cure beads from stones

Energy of stones make life safe and easy

The energy of stones that you will feel will lead you through life, thanks to which you will feel safe. Come and relax! You will learn about the properties of stones here, you will also find tips on how to choose the perfect stone for you.

Your satisfaction is our highest value, which is why we are open to any jewelry modifications according to your vision.

Among our collection you will find stones such as:

  • shungite (including carbon earrings)
  • rock crystal
  • amethyst
  • red coral
  • rose quartz
  • black tourmaline stone
  • jasper
  • onyx.

They help in every area of ​​life, you look positively at people and the world, you get more motivation to work.

Online store with natural stone jewelry

We have prepared specially for you:

Here you can collect your stone collection that you need the most.

You'll also find a gift for a special occasion.

We also offer natural stone beads that can be worn alternately - in a bracelet or necklace, and replaced as and when needed, in a situation or destination.

Cure Beads - that's what we called them. This means "healing" , and these beads heal the soul, body, atmosphere and protect against unwanted energy!

Accessories from shungite rock and beads design to Cure Beads Collection and best amber necklace for baby